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Constant Voltage Transformer : CVT
Ultraisolation Transformer : UIT
K Rated Isolation Transformers : K
Auto Transformer : AT
Magnetic Amplifiers And Reactors : MAP/ R
Control And Power Transformers : T
Chokes : L
Low Loss High Efficiency Transformers
Automatic Voltage Regulation Technologies

Leading Designers & Manufacturers Of Transformers, Auto Transformer, Magnetic Amplifiers, Magnetic Reactors, Linear Reactors, Control Transformers, Power Transformers, Buck-Boost Transformers, Chokes, Constant Voltage Transformer, Voltage Regulator Transformer.

We are glad to introduce ourselves as one of the leading designers & manufacturers of MAGNETICS for last 25 years, in variety of ratings, shapes and sizes.
    Constant Voltage Transformer : CVT
Constant Voltage Transformer : CVT
"SIGMA" CVT is a gadget that provides an answer to almost all power problems except power failure.
    Ultra Isolation Transformer : UIT
Constant Voltage Transformer : CVT
“SIGMA" Ultra Isolation Transformer is a multishielded transformer. Special winding technique..............
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